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    Acting Prime Minister, Michael McCormack yesterday announced plans to deliver a new Agriculture Visa by the end of September 2021 in time for harvesting season – a critical period for Australian agri-businesses.

    The new visa will provide agricultural businesses greater access to overseas workers to help ease a growing shortage of farmworkers. Here’s a summary of what has been announced.

    Agriculture | A Critical Industry for Skilled Visas in the COVID-19 Era As agriculture is considered a critical industry during the pandemic, Australian producers and farmers have several options available to engage visa holders:

    Visa holders in Australia may be able to extend their stay for agricultural work:

    – This may be via the 408 Pandemic Event Visa.

    – Applicants for the TSS Visa and Regional 494 Visa are prioritised for processing as agricultural work is considered critical.

    – Several relaxed visa rules were announced for agricultural business as part of the Federal Budget.

    – Student Visa holders in Australia can work unlimited hours in the agricultural, hospitality, tourism, aged care and disability care industries following an announcement. Wanna know more?

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