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    We all appreciate when others recognize our contributions and achievements. Recognition serves as a tool for reinforcing the behaviours that drive an organization to excellence and gives a vital boost to our future leaders’ engagement that has a “ripple effect” that reaches beyond the recipient.

    As Maven Consulting Group Leaders, we recognise your efforts to let you know that we care about creating an environment where individuals feel appreciated for their contributions and their accomplishments.

    Through recognition, we also build a culture that attracts and retains the best talent

    Congratulations to our hard-working Maven Promoter

    He is currently working as a dental assistant, an adventurous person who loves to travel! a very friendly, helpful and self-motivated person who loves personal development, no other than.

    Mr Rahul B. Pradhanang

    Wow! The third time is indeed a charm.

    Congratulation’s sir!

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