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    A Complete Document Checklist for Australia

    Australia is the second most popular study destinations for Nepalese students. Every year thousands of students choose Australia for their abroad studies. Australia has a climate similar to Nepalese which makes it easier to adapt into the environment. Moreover, there are plethora of part time opportunities with minimum wage higher than the rest of the […]

    A Complete Document Checklist for Canada

    Canada is also considered as an educational hub for international students and is considered as one of the top study destinations. Canada is a home to top universities and very affordable tuition fees. It is considered the top choice for being the safest country and part time opportunities. Students can also get post work visa […]

    ACT Critical Skilled Occupation List

    Canberra, the capital city of Australia is widely popular for is beautiful landscapes and is also called The Bush capital for its breathtaking mountain ranges and nature reserves. It is the largest inland city in Australia and surprisingly it is an entirely planned city, usually for Australian cities. Canberra was also named as Lonely Planet’s […]

    A Complete Document Checklist

    UK is considered as the topmost popular study destination for international students getting 600,000 international students each year. It is not different for Nepalese students as well. Every year thousands of Nepalese students choose UK for their abroad studies and rightly so. UK is greatly known for its quality of education. Moreover, London has its […]