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    Anil Twanabasu
    co-founder & Executive director
    Laxmi Kayastha
    Co-founder & Global Director

    Maven Consulting Group was founded in November 2018, with a passion to empower International Students and assist them to access abroad study opportunities. Most of our Directors as well as team members have lived a life of international students at one point in their lives.

    We take a pride to be known as one of the Australia’s fastest growing education agencies. At Maven Consulting Group, we continuously strive to provide credible counselling to our clients to assist them further in their academic and professional journey. At the same time, we also commit satisfaction and welfare to our clients.

    Our goals is to go beyond just student recruitment. We thrive to contribute to the success of each international student from their study abroad journey till not only they graduate but also assist them to land into their professional jobs. There is nothing satisfying to us than helping our students achieving success in their academic and career.

    We take pride in our consistent support and guidance to students and invite you to be our next success story!